Window Screens

John’s Screens Service: has been providing mobile onsite repair, and replacement service for all of your broken, torn mesh, holes, cracked plastic corners, and missing window screen hardware needs in the Porter Ranch, and surrounding areas for over 25 years. I provide a wide variety of window screen finishes, styles and colors. Make sure to view the featured links below for your window screen needs.

For all of your:

  • Window screen re-screening 
  • Window screen replacement new (custom built onsite)
  • Window screen hardware replacement (missing or broken)


If you are in need of replacing or upgrading your existing window screens John’s Screens Service provides only the best the industry has to offer.

  • Pet screen mesh
  • Clear View window screen mesh
  • Solar window screen mesh

All work is a custom fit

John’s Screens Service: is a mobile on site service, I custom measure and build all of my window screen products at your home for the best possible fit to your existing windows, no more having to deal with window screen frames being bent, broken due to window washing, and maintenance.

No more ugly, broken, and sun burned window screens! I will demonstrate on how to properly remove, and put the window screens back in order to keep them from being broken, or bent due to window washing, or maintenance to your home.


John’s Screens Service

Porter Ranch, CA 91326

Phone: (818)469-5595