Sliding Screen Patio Door Replacement, Chatsworth.

John’s Screens Service mobile onsite repair, and replacement service for all of your sliding glass door needs in the Chatsworth, and surrounding areas for over 25 years.Make sure to view the  featured links below for all of your sliding glass door, screen door, and window screen needs.

Tired of struggling with your Sliding Screen Patio Doors? opening and closing your sliding doors seem almost impossible to deal with and you are ready to replace them the solution may very well be as simple as an adjustment, and maintenance on the door but in most cases the rollers have to be replaced, call me for a free evaluation.

Custom fit for all of your home screen, door, and sliding glass patio door repairs, and replacement are done onsite! to assure the best possible fit.

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We carry a variety of window, and door screen mesh materials you can choose from.

Sliding Screen Door Replacement Chatsworth | 818 4695595 |

The homeowner had to get creative and added a home made center bar on this roll form sliding screen door with plastic nylon handle and rollers, this type of door is not designed for heavy traffic ‘in this case very low traffic from the master bedroom of the home’ before the actual frame began to bend.

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This was the finish product replacing the roll form door, with a Century Jr 1 3/4″ extruded sliding patio screen door ‘white finish, charcoal fiberglass mesh’ the homeowner was very content not having to struggle with his old screen door and was very happy that they would be able to enjoy their beautiful view again.

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We screen when you call! For all of your sliding glass door repair, sliding screen doors, and window screen repair or replacement needs. Professional service and Free estimates are just a phone call away.



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