Patio Glass Sliding Door Roller Repair Simi Valley

After removing and inspecting the sliding glass doors at this Simi Valley home it was determined that with very minimal troubleshooting of the situation we had to grind down some excessive material that was grinding the moving door against the stationary door, as well as replacing the rollers, adjusting, cleaning, and lubricating the tracks the sliding doors worked, and locked great again.

Patio Sliding Door Roller Repair Simi Valley

The homeowner had explained to me he had a couple of estimates and the recommendations given were to replace the doors, or tracks completely! the average cost quoted by the other companies were in the ballpark of $1,200.00 to $2,500.00 dollars in total cost.

Glass sliding door roller repair simi valley

After meeting with the homeowner and providing him with a free estimate, the homeowner hired us and had the sliding patio doors repaired. After repairing the excessive aluminum material, adjusting, cleaning, lubricating, replacing the rollers, and fixing the general problems for both sliding glass door openings John’s Screens Service total cost with labor, and parts was $375.00 dollars for this job.

Sliding Glass Door Repair Simi Valley

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