About: John’s Screens Service

Sliding glass patio & screen door repairs! we are a home based and family operated business since 1993! our personal service ranges from glass door roller replacement, and most  type of sliding screen, & swinging screen doors offered by the industry.

After many years of offering home improvement services we are not limited to just patio glass doors & screens for your home! we also do many other types of small to large repairs, glass patio door replacements, interior door repair and replacements, kitchen & bathroom cabinet hardware replacements! we even offer wood gate repair and replacements; being completely family orientated we take into consideration your family, and pet’s safety above all! offering only top name brand products that I would only use in my home, & for my family and pets.

Born, and raised in the San Fernando Valley I had the pleasure of learning my trade from the most honest  person I’ve ever known (my dad) after a long career with Veradyne Corp, & Boeing my dad, retired by opening a home improvement business (California Doors & Windows) based out of Sherman Oaks, CA and the rest is history, thanks to my dad I learned a trade I could always count on to keep my family and I living the American Dream.

I am also a licensed Real Estate Broker (2005 – Present) and have been active within the Mortgage, and Real Estate industry since 1997! a local graduate of Madison Jr. High School ‘where I met my wife! and  we are still together with four amazing kids’ a Ulysess S. Grant Graduate,  and a Los Angeles Valley College student ‘where my wife still works’  thanks to my career in real estate I am also able to offer a professional point of view in what is needed in the curb appeal of your home for its highest possible value with applying some affordable, repairs, and upgrades.

The Family and I thank you! for visiting our website and I hope we can extend some of that old school service that seems to be something from the past now a days.


John Vera & Family

Family owned and operated since 1993!